Prissy*ness is the love child of self professed fashionista who has loved fashion and beauty since a very young age.  As a child, she looked up to her mom who was the epitome of class, style and beauty.     As a young adult, she majored in fashion merchandising and business but after graduation took a long detour into public education.

       With the dream and passion still alive, she never let the vision go so she began making natural bath and body care products for friends, family and as a small business.
        Still yearning for fashion and style, she created Prissy*ness which incorporates her love for natural beauty, fashion and jewels. 
      Prissy*ness was conceived between those loves. The site shares with you stylish jewelry made from metals, leather and gems, rich body care products made with natural ingredients,  and the cutest clothing a Prissy girl can find.  

Peruse the site as I share with you Prissy*ness!